Ho‘omanawanui for the Italia Biennale Architectura 2021

This short film submitted for the Italia Biennale Architectura 2021 offers a small glimpse into the contemporary story of Hawai‘i’s extraordinarily adaptable and resilient ʻĀina (land, landscape), through contrasting natural textures and atmospheres, and with a prospective vision and voice shared by kupuna (elder, grandparent, ancestor), makua (parents, grown folk), and keiki (child, little one) alike. – Simon Bussiere


A Film by A L S O C O L L E C T I V E


Pag-ibig Ara Laylo, Director, Editor, Strategist

Simon M. Bussiere, Executive Producer, Writer, Editor

Keola Rapozo, Designer, Writer, Cultural Practitioner

Laurien “Lala” Nuss, Community Outreach, Narration

Matt Higa, Aerial Footage

Special Thanks:

Kākoʻoʻōiwi, Kamuela Yim, Kahiau Wallance, Bailee Naka‘ahiki, Banksy Na‘alea Naka‘ahiki, Parra Pō‘ailana Naka‘ahiki, Keola Naka‘ahiki Rapozo, NMG Network, Annacaterina Piras & Ministero della Cultura

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