2018 Mind Sharing Poster Surfjack - FINAL.jpg

Mind Sharing – A Conversation about Hawai‘i’s Design Rhetoric

A talk story session where five designers have an open dialogue about Hawaii’s design rhetoric, its effects on the tourism industry, and the people who live and work on the island.

We’ll discuss how Hawaii’s aesthetic during the second Hawaiian Renaissance in the ’60s and ’70s was influential as part of a counterculture. How does our sense of place inform both work and play? What could the future of Hawaii look like through design, architecture and fashion as we define a thoughtful expression through social history, context and kuleana?

Ara Feducia (moderator) | Nella Media Group, Creative Director
Jesse Arneson | Wall-to-Wall Studios Inc., Senior Designer
Michelle Jaime | The Vanguard Theory, Creative Director
Anne Bush | University of Hawaii at Manoa, Design and Typography Professor
Keola Rapozo | FITTED Hawaii, Owner and Co-Founder


Download the Keynote here: Mind Share – Rhetoric in Hawaii



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