ANALOG ANALYTICS Obfuscating the (un)conditioned

Obfuscating the (un)conditioned
The nature of storytelling through video naturally has a way of romanticizing truth and fiction. As a designer, I think it imperative to consider the lens of the reader. I put myself in their shoes and together we ask: Why was this particular video served to me specifically? What are the correlations that the artist wants me to make? Where does truth lie when all we have are inputs and outputs?
On the other hand, as an artist, I want to purposefully hide my intentions behind unclear rhetoric, hoping I’ll reach out to a broader wider audience, and bridging a language of solidarity.
Play both videos below simultaneously.



Ara Laylo proposes a new series of video works, which capture Honolulu’s everyday life in a rapidly changing urban environment, through a series of 30-60 second videos shot on her mobile device peppered with text slogans and quotes; a familiar echo of social media’s visual language.

Inspired by advertising, marketing slogans, billboards, in particular the famous Hawaii Rent-All signage at the intersection of Beretania and McCully.

Exploring Themes

Work and Play
Truth and Fiction
Haves and Have nots
Text concepts:
I am abundant
I am (not) secure
I am (not)  Happy
I am not suffering
I am Hungry
Video concepts: 
Traffic (some collated from different subjects including from my own)
Thank you to Scott Lawrimore and Nina Tongan for inviting me to participate in HB19:

This piece is dedicated to

my beloved friend Yoko Ott.

Maraming salamat to: Honolulu’s Creative Community, my dear friends, most especially: John and Alexis Russell, Nara Nellis, Eunica Escalante, Gerard Elmore, Aja Toscano, Kyle Kosaki, Ada Feducia and Hunter Heaivilin.


Honolulu Biennial 2019 title is drawn from the poem Manifesto by participating Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) artist ‘Imaikalani Kalahele.

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