Hawai‘i Contemporary 2020 Rebranding

The Nihoniho Lauhala Weave

Inspired by a nihoniho (serrated) weave learned at Aupuni Space Gallery, designer Ara Laylo acknowledges the symbolism of the nihoniho as protection and grounding. The new Hawai‘i Contemporary mark is an entry point to its origins characterized with modular like architecture echoing the nihoniho weave. Selecting the best typeface to compliment the mark and the okina were important in this process. 


Inspired by the unique histories of Hawai‘i, a gathering place for diverse peoples and ideas, Hawai‘i Contemporary connects communities from across our islands and regions united by the Pacific Ocean and beyond. As a collaborative art partner, we cultivate cultural alliances to showcase the Hawai’i Triennial every three years and to celebrate contemporary art and ideas. The multi-site public exhibition is complemented by year-round public and education programs contributing to the local arts ecosystem, and affirming our commitment to creating an accessible gateway for contemporary art in Hawai‘i nei. 


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